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Passion minerals


A deep-rooted passion


From an early age, Jacques has been fascinated by minerals and geology. From chemical characteristics to physical and geographical properties, nothing is left to chance.


It is with this vocation that Jacques finds the importance of mastering the geological management of his wine-growing terroir and the coupling of plant matter with its soils to respect these elements.


Day after day, this passion takes root in his identity and that of the estate.

A considerable collection

Minerals, fossils, flint, cut stones, of all colors and shapes, you can discover a large collection from the four corners of the world at the property. ​ Do not hesitate to open the doors of the property where Jacques will welcome you in a friendly manner to show you his most beautiful pieces on permanent exhibition.

Apophyllite calcite
Quartz hématoïde
Crâne fossile de crocodile
Fluorite bleue
Vanadinite sur Baryte
Nodule de Pyrite

+33 5 56 38 94 18

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