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It was in 1916 that Jules ARMAND bought the property located in Les Valentons, Saint-Loubès, a small village 20 km from Bordeaux. His daughter Gabrielle and his son-in-law Jean Félicien Meynard, returning from the war of 14-18, ensured its continuity. This vineyard, growing gradually, was called successively Clos des Valentons then Château des Valentons-Canteloup under the reign of Fernand MEYNARD, their son, and Marcelle, daughter of winegrowers from Ambès, in Thilède-Grillon.

Fernand was an arborist at heart and he planted the pear trees that made him famous, among other things, after the great frost of 1956 which destroyed half of the vineyard. He expanded it with the purchase in 1973 of Bois Malot , a castle contiguous to the family property.

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SINCE 1916

Jacques Meynard, their son, has been continuing the work of his elders since 1980. The collaboration with his father gave birth to the Tradition cuvée in 1985 and to the Clairet.


Jacques kept on expanding the farm, which today has around 30 hectares of vineyards and 3 hectares of pear trees. He diversified the production by developing delicately fruity whites with the "Entre Deux Terres" cuvée and the "Marine" cuvée, or fleshy and woody ones with the "Tradition" cuvée. The "Excentrique cuvée", a rare wine born in 2003, owes its name to its unusual blend of Petit Verdot and Merlot.


Château Bois Malot and Château Valentons Canteloup are currently sold on five continents.

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