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Our Fruits

The orchard was created by Fernand MEYNARD in the 1950s, mainly after the great frosts of 1956 which destroyed half of the vineyard.

The productions of peaches, plums of entice, apples, nashis and summer pears have been gradually abandoned to refocus on the specialty of Fernand MEYNARD, the Doyenné du Comice and the Passe Crassane.

The Passe Crassane

Passe Crassane
Passe crassane

Born from a cross with a quince in 1855, Passe Crassane is the winter pear par excellence. Harvested in October, it is consumed from December until April.

Its sweet and melting chair is slightly astringent. Each MEYNARD Passe Crassane is wrapped in an individual kraft bag in June to protect it against insects and the treatments on the foliage. The fruit is thus more golden because it is protected from bad weather and direct sunlight.

Our terroir being particularly favorable to the cultivation of the Passe Crassane, it is never stony.

The Comice

Doyenné de comice

Created in Angers in 1849, the Comice is an autumn pear with juicy white flesh, sweet and tender. Harvested in September, it is sold from October to December. It is the most sought after.

Our semi-dry prunes


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